Top social networking trends for 2015

Ephemeral Social Media

Believe it or not, many people like only being able to have brief glimpses of the content other users share with them on social media. They enjoy the spontaneity of getting messages and having them disappear within seconds. More than 360 million pictures have been shared on Snapchat and has become popular enough for Facebook to offer to buy it for $3 billion. Several brands such as Taco Bell, Rebecca Minkoff, Acura, and MTV have started using Snapchat to send their followers brief messages.

Quality Blogging Content

Blogging is a fantastic way to lead visitors to your site and get people interested in your brand.

But the important thing to remember is that your content has to offer something of value to readers. Just because you have content on your site doesn’t necessarily mean people will want to read it. People have no patience for content that was clearly just thrown together as a way to mention a brand. A brand’s blog content has to be helpful, relevant to readers, or enrich their online experience in some way.


Social Media as a Visual Medium

Quality written content will always be extremely important for social networking, but social media is turning into an extremely visual environment. People just can’t seem to resist the allure of a strong visual image.  63% of all social networking content is made up of images. With Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat, people are turning to highly visual social sharing platforms more and more often. Studies have shown that while the number of male Pinterest users has been on the decline, female users tend to become more active over time.


Video Content, Particularly Microvideos

Videos have become a huge force in the social media world and their importance will only continue to grow. According to Experian, YouTube is the second most popular social media website on the Internet, ranking second only to Facebook. Half of 18-34 year olds report watching online videos at least once per day and about one third of Millennials report spending more time watching online videos than they do broadcast television.

Between Vine and Instagram’s video tool, which only give users a few seconds to create videos, microvideos are gaining popularity and giving brands new ways of creating effective messages for their followers.


Niche Social Sharing Sites

Sure, people will always flock to general social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but they’re also starting to seek out social networking sites tailored to their specific hobbies and interests. Why just share pictures of your knitting projects on Facebook with your friends who might not be particularly interested, when you can go on Ravelry and not only share your projects, but also talk to fellow knitting enthusiasts and get new project ideas.

Niche social networking sites like Ravelry or Untappd can offer great advertising potential for brands since they can target audiences effectively than more general social networking sites.