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Top 5 Social Sharing Sites

The days of Facebook and MySpace being the main places to share pictures, videos, and links are long gone. People now have more places than ever to share content with their friends and followers. So what are some of the top sites people are using now?

  1. Facebookfacebook logo

Social media has grown tremendously in the time since Facebook was first released, and despite a number of controversial decisions over the years, Facebook remains the most popular social sharing platform on the Internet. When a person has a picture, video, or link they want to share, Facebook is still the first site many people turn to.

  1. Twittertwitter logo

Twitter users only have 140 characters to get their messages across, but Twitter has found a very successful niche in the social sharing world. Its interface allows users to quickly and concisely comment on and share pictures of events as they unfold in real time. Its use of hashtags makes it very easy for users to monitor what is being said about a certain subject.

  1. YouTubeyoutube logo

YouTube has become synonymous with online video sharing. There are other video sharing sites on the Internet, but YouTube is the first place most people go to for all their video sharing and watching needs. YouTube has become so popular, people have started using it as a verb (“I am so YouTubing this!”).

  1. Instagraminstagram logo

With social media, everything is about being fast and to the point. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it should come as no surprise that pictures have become hugely popular in the social sharing world. Why say something when you can just show it? Instagram makes it easy for users to share and edit pictures of events as they happen in real time.

  1. Tumblrtumblr logo

Tumblr is built around the entire concept of sharing. Although Tumblr has plenty of user created content, if people stopped re-blogging Tumblr posts, Tumblr would be a completely and totally different environment.

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Top social networking trends for 2015

Ephemeral Social Media

Believe it or not, many people like only being able to have brief glimpses of the content other users share with them on social media. They enjoy the spontaneity of getting messages and having them disappear within seconds. More than 360 million pictures have been shared on Snapchat and has become popular enough for Facebook to offer to buy it for $3 billion. Several brands such as Taco Bell, Rebecca Minkoff, Acura, and MTV have started using Snapchat to send their followers brief messages.


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