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Target Your Audience with Content Marketing

What is a business’s ultimate goal when developing content marketing for social media? To get shares, posts, tweets, and likes perhaps. Those are all good goals to have when looking at the end result of your social media campaign. Learning how to target your audience

5 Social Media Blunders pic

5 of the Most Common Social Media Blunders

If you own or operate a business, chances are you manage at least one social media account to keep your customers updated on your business. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have become popular places to post business updates. While many businesses manage successful social

content marketing

7 Things You Need to Know for Great Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an essential part to any marketing plan. Writing your own blogs or original posts and sharing those ideas across different social media platforms will definitely help your business grow, but not without some structure and planning. We’ve come up with a series

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Social Media Musts

If you own a business, chances are you already know how important social media is to determining your success online. If you want your business to get noticed, you must be active on social media, but in a professional and appropriate way. Check out some of our


Running a Great Social Media Contest

We’ve all seen them – giveaways on Instagram, random email drawings on Facebook, and so on. It seems like a lot of companies these days are trying to get likes on social media by offering prizes and giveaways. While this is a great way to


Groupon and How to Use It

A lot of questions have been raised lately about what sort of effect Groupon will have for your business, and much of this seems to stem from a slight lack of confusion as to what exactly Groupon is. More so than just a coupon aggregator,

Social Media and Organic Search

Social Media and Organic Search

Social media: we all know how important it is in today’s internet culture for establishing your brand in the minds of potential and current customers. We’ve already done a bit of explaining on how to get shared on social media, which should be enough to

Social Media Analytics

What Are Social Media Analytics?

Analytics is the study of various sources of data. Social Media Analytics specifically refers to the practice of studying customer sentiment and feedback from a number of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. While it might sound easy at first, there’s more